Government Relations & Public Policy Lawyer

Horenstein Law Group represents clients on a business-to-government and government-to-government basis in all aspects of policy development, legislative issues, relationship building, and advocacy. We pride ourselves in our ability to secure our client’s strategic goals by combining a deep and substantive knowledge of our client’s issues with our advocacy skills, combined 60+ years’ experience, and deep relationships in the community.

We work hard at maintaining relationships with local, state, and federal elected officials and key staff. We do this with the utmost transparency and integrity.

We understand legislative regulatory processes at all levels. We do this work either as stand-alone projects, in conjunction with our clients business and real estate matters or through the collaborative governance process described below, HLG’s a team that has the relationships, creativity, advocacy skills and deep understanding of legislative and public policy issues that are important to you and your business. Areas in which our Washington, Oregon, Hawai`i, and California-licensed government relations attorneys have experience include:

  • Building government-to-government and business-to-government relationships and advocating for our clients needs using these relationships
  • Serving as a Collaborative Governance Professional
  • Negotiating public-private partnership agreements
  • Infrastructure planning and development
  • Healthcare
  • K-12 and higher education
  • Native American and Native Hawaiian affairs
  • Transportation planning, funding and permitting
  • Land Use planning (including Washington’s Growth Management Act)
  • Local, state, and federal government contracting
  • Solid waste management, planning and permitting
  • Public health
  • Drafting and coordinating federal legislation and regulations
  • Drafting and negotiating compliance agreements

Vancouver WA Government Relations & Public Policy Attorneys

Whether it’s gathering critical information, consulting, issue monitoring, educating local, state and federal legislators, facilitating collaborative governance work sessions, drafting legislation, drafting agreements or advocating action to affect legislation or public policy, we thrive on developing personalized objectives for each client and strategically positioning clients to achieve desired results.

As a law firm, we find that clients occasionally need to add other disciplines to our team. We are effective at assembling the best consultants for your projects, as well as managing costs and carefully achieving your desired outcome.

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