Collaborative Governance Attorney

Collaborative Governance is a non-adversarial apolitical neutral and, collaborative approach to public policy. It collects all interested parties together to work on solutions to the thorniest problems facing business and government today. At its most sophisticated level, it imports the concepts of Collaborative Law (RCW chapter 7.77) into a series of facilitated discussions to develop government regulations, legislation, public policy, and/or public-private agreements.

During Collaborative Governance work sessions, interested agencies, businesses, and taxpayers are identified, notified, and given an opportunity to participate in the collaborative governance process. Facilitated discussions led by our Collaborative Governance Professional, Maren Calvert, clearly define the problem to be solved; identify the needs and interests of all involved; brainstorm solutions, and collaboratively develop and select a win-win solution. The Collaborative Governance Professional is paid by everyone attending the work sessions, to ensure everyone’s interests are equally represented. The goal, at the end of the work sessions, is to have an agreement, draft legislation, or proposed rule that captures the most workable solution. The document is not prepared by one party for a particular interest; it is not an advocacy piece. It is a collaborative document, created to thoughtfully address the needs and interests of all parties involved.

Collaborative Governance is intended for strategic and creative thinkers in business and in government who want to solve problems and make progress. The Collaborative Governance process creates, maintains, and transforms relationships and helps government, businesses, and taxpayers develop enduring, workable solutions.

As an attorney with more than 25 years’ experience in both government and the private sector; a background in commercial litigation and legislative affairs; decades of leadership training through the Air Force; a certificate from Georgetown University in Government Affairs; and a certificate in behavioral change, Maren Calvert is uniquely qualified to serve as your Collaborative Governance Professional. She will lead you through the Collaborative Governance process to develop solutions that work and documents that are close to final the first time.

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