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Maren Calvert Vancouver, WA business attorney

How to resolve business disputes?

Problems and disputes arise in every business.

We solve problems and resolve disputes efficiently and effectively, so you can get back to business. 


We can be helpful when: 

  • Co-owners don’t agree on the future of their business or exit planning.  
  • B2B service providers – or commercial landlords and tenant – don’t agree about how their contracts should be interpreted, enforced, terminated, or revised.
  • Businesses that have contracted to work together need to modify their contract, but have different opinions about what, how, and when changes should be made.
  • Businesses and government don’t agree on how to develop land or draft new regulations.

While courts are available to help resolve these problems and disputes, filing and defending a lawsuit is expensive and time-consuming. Courts are founded and depend on an adversarial system and the litigation process can be harmful to a business relationship. Many local courts do not have commercial and real estate dispute experience to effectively get to the right result.

HLG’s Dispute Resolution Strategies practice is designed to give you an alternative. We provide in-person and online corporate and public policy guidance and dispute resolution services, to help businesses solve their problems and reform business relationships—confidentially, collaboratively, and creatively—outside of court. 

Our team is trained in online dispute resolution (ODR) and can provide the following in person or online dispute resolution services:

Mediation: With more than 30 years of leadership training and experience with complex commercial litigation, our team has the multivariate background to mediate and help you creatively resolve your current and developing disputes.

Civil Collaborative Law: Trained in the collaborative law process, our team can guide you through a confidential, collaborative dispute resolution process. 

Collaborative Governance: A collaborative approach to help government reform and draft new public policy. 

Business Dispute Law Offices

Our team of trained online dispute resolution (ODR) specialists and business litigation lawyers are here to help.

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