Business Law & Commercial Real Estate Attorneys in Vancouver, WA

Business Attorney Vancouver WA: Business Transactions, Planning, Trademarks & Finance

Attorneys: Steve Horenstein, Natasha Belon, Mark Adams,

Horenstein Law Group’s business attorneys are proactive in providing legal services to our business clients. We work with your advisors, accountant, financial planner, banker, and insurance agent to identify planning opportunities and issues for you and your business. Our Washington and Oregon business attorneys are regularly called upon by our clients to assist in a…

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Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Attorneys: Steve Horenstein, Maren Calvert, Hannah Warner, Natasha Belon,

Whether you are a developer, lender, private investor, or a public entity with commercial real estate needs, Horenstein Law Group brings in-depth knowledge and years of experience to assist you with your commercial real estate transactions and projects. We have many local regional and national investors, developers and owners as real estate clients. We have…

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Land Use Law & Environmental Attorney

Attorneys: Steve Horenstein, Maren Calvert, Hannah Warner,

Horenstein Law Group approaches land use and environmental permitting with a big picture understanding of how the convergence of population and business growth, increasing environmental and other regulation, and transportation issues affect commercial real estate development. Our Washington and Oregon land use and environmental attorneys bring to the permitting process: a strong technical background and…

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Government Relations & Public Policy Lawyer

Attorneys: Steve Horenstein, Maren Calvert,

Horenstein Law Group represents clients on a business-to-government and government-to-government basis in all aspects of policy development, legislative issues, relationship building, and advocacy. We pride ourselves in our ability to secure our client’s strategic goals by combining a deep and substantive knowledge of our client’s issues with our advocacy skills, combined 60+ years’ experience, and…

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Collaborative Governance Attorney

Attorneys: Maren Calvert,

Collaborative Governance is a non-adversarial apolitical neutral and, collaborative approach to public policy. It collects all interested parties together to work on solutions to the thorniest problems facing business and government today. At its most sophisticated level, it imports the concepts of Collaborative Law (RCW chapter 7.77) into a series of facilitated discussions to develop government regulations,…

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Civil Dispute Attorney & Collaborative Law

Horenstein Law Group is committed to solving its client’s problems. Quite often, the dissolution of a business relationship or dispute about a contract or lease can be resolved quickly, confidentially, and most effectively, out of court. Horenstein Law Group’s Civil Collaborative Law practice is designed to help clients do that. Civil Collaborative Law is a voluntary…

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Business Dispute Attorney

How to resolve business disputes? Problems and disputes arise in every business. We solve problems and resolve disputes efficiently and effectively, so you can get back to business.    We can be helpful when:  Co-owners don’t agree on the future of their business or exit planning.   B2B service providers – or commercial landlords and tenant…

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