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Here’s what clients and partners have to say about the attorneys Horenstein Law Group:

I looked over the Purchase and Sale Agreement this morning and I must say you are one heck of a good attorney. Appreciate the changes which were made and this is absolutely the best Purchase and Sale Agreement I have ever seen. Thank you so much. I am proud to use this on any transaction in which I am engaged.Larry Cahn

From my first questions ten years ago to the recent document preparation for an asset sale of a company, I have been pleased with Cindy and HLG for their service and value.Lorin Erickson

I originally sought out HLG to help me start my business. Over time HLG has become a key resource and growth partner to my firm. They have helped to establish and maintain our LLC, expand our staff, and purchase other businesses. HLG has been a great value to me and I frequently recommend their services to others.Alex Whitehouse, CEO Whitehouse Wealth Management

When I went shopping for a law firm my criteria was a good reputation, fair treatment, knowledgeable and responsive. HLG was that firm. They have helped me on matters from soup to nuts, Corporate and Land. The people are outstanding and the services they offer are superb. If they don’t have the answer they get it for you.Jerry Schmaltz, Precision Rebar & Accessories

I was looking for a Corporate Lawyer to assist me with the purchase of a small business. Cynthia Horenstein was recommended as someone who could help draft an offer, a purchase agreement and establish my business as an entity—and all that goes along with that! After meeting Cynthia and working with her firm, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an honest, hard working firm that will have your best interest at heart. They provided assistance every step of the way, making what seemed to be a daunting task, very do-able. I thank them all, and especially Cynthia, for her knowledge and assistance. When you work with Horenstein Law Group, know that you’ll be well taken care of for your business needs.Tim Ciri - President, Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting

Jean Shaw knows our industry inside and out and is a trusted partner we turn to for all of our commercial real estate transactions because she provides solid legal advice, while finding practical solutions to get deals done efficiently.Inhouse real estate counsel for a national company

Over the years we have had an excellent working relationship with Steve Horenstein. When it came time to sell our property, we encountered several challenges. We were very fortunate to have Steve and his team working with us on this project. With their experience and expertise we were able to close the sale of the property.Real Estate Client

Simply put, Maren is an extraordinary attorney with a work ethic that is unrivaled among the hundreds of attorneys I have known in my career. … [Among an impressive group,] it is always Maren who is first to identify, isolate and analyze pertinent legal issues that affect the rest of us. … Maren is breathtakingly unselfish. Whatever team she is part of will receive the absolute best she has to offer—and the best she has to offer is the absolute best that can be obtained.Retired Colonel, attorney, and congressional candidate

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