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Starting a new business and running it successfully is an enormous challenge, regardless of the current economic client. Even in so-called “good times,” a startup presents its owners with a tremendous amount of risk.

The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that only “half of all new establishments survive five years or more and about one-third survive 10 years or more.”

Those stats can be discouraging, but there’s still a tremendous amount of opportunity for success in a startup, which is why so many people are inspired to give their business ideas a try.

Horenstein Law Group

At Horenstein Law Group, we applaud anybody who has the courage to take on the challenge of opening up a new business. What’s more, we can help! Not only do we understand the complicated dynamics of starting a business, we have a passion for it and are excited to do so. Horenstein Law Group has helped hundreds of clients navigate the often-treacherous waters of business startups.

In fact, both Steve and Cindy Horenstein created a startup law firm, so they've seen how a young business can become successful and grow over time.

Partnering with an attorney means you’ll have a team member who can play an important advisory role as you get your business up and running. Contact Horenstein Law Group today to see how we can be of assistance in getting your startup started up!

Challenges Faced By New Business Owners

We can certainly talk more in-depth about the kinds of challenges faced by opening up a new business. Chances are, if you’re reading this page, you’re considering becoming a new business owner and have already researched some of the more common problems that you may encounter in the early stages of running a new business.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll need to think about as you begin planning your startup:

  • Initial Financing plus capital for growth
  • Location
  • Growth planning
  • Separating business and personal income
  • Employees

It’s a lot of work getting a business off the ground — but don’t let negativity or doubts drive you away from your dreams of opening a new business. You can do it. And we can help. We are thoroughly experienced in business development services and the art of business transactions, planning and finance.

Let our attorneys provide you with the best business startup legal advice. With offices in Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, our business attorneys practice throughout those two states. Contact Horenstein Law Group today!

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