Federal, Oregon, & Washington COVID-19 Resources

In addition to the CARES Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, unemployment, and tax guidance we have collected the following nationwide, Washington, and Oregon COVID-19 resources.

Nationwide/Federal COVID-19 Resources

Washington COVID-19 Business Resources 

Washington Local Resources & Utilities:

Oregon COVID-19 Business Resources

New  On May 18, an Oregon court struck down Oregon’s stay home orders as null and void and granted an injunction against further enforcement of them, because the Governor was required to seek the legislature’s concurrence to extend the orders beyond 28 days and did not do so.  The Oregon Supreme Court first stayed the lower court’s order, but then reversed it in a per curiam opinion on June 12, 2020.  Though the justices ruled the preliminary injunction prohibiting enforcement of Gov Brown’s orders is not valid, the case remains open as the parties determine their next steps.

Gov Brown issued EO 20-18 on April 19 prohibiting creditors from garnishing CARES Act funds from individuals. 

  • This order does not apply to a judgment in a criminal action requiring the defendant to pay restitution or a civil judgment against a convicted criminal for damages related to that crime
  • The Attorney General may specify additional judgments that may be collected, notwithstanding this order

Additional Resources

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