Zoning attorneys: What they do, and why they do it

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Zoning Attorneys

Zoning law is one of the more complex and fascinating — not to mention ever-changing — areas of law practice. The authority to adopt, approve and/or change zoning laws is a significant governmental power. That means zoning attorneys are right in the thick of the action when it comes to working with clients to navigate and clarify the often Byzantine zoning rules and regulations set out by individual communities

What do zoning attorneys do?

And — more generally — what is zoning law, anyway?

Zoning Law

Zoning law is a subset of land-use law, which deals with laws and regulations regarding the development and/or conservation of land. As with all areas of the law, land-use and zoning laws are subject to variances and wrinkles based on an interwoven tapestry of federal, state and local statutes.

The granular details of this tapestry are beyond the scope of this blogpost. Suffice it to to say that zoning and land-use laws are designed to help communities and local governments devise road maps for future community development. Also, local zoning laws often require comprehensive land-use updates every few years.

Horenstein Law Group

And that’s where we come in. Horenstein Law Group has helped clients with a wide variety of zoning and land-use issues, including (but certainly not limited to):

  1. Participating in annual reviews of site-specific plans.
  2. Changing a client’s holdings from one type of commercial zone to another (rural to urban; commercial to residential to industrial; subdivisions for residential projects, etc.).
  3. Keeping clients informed of land-use updates.
  4. Assisting clients who seek a zone change.
  5. Creating a comprehensive land-use plan.
  6. Getting a variance for zoning requirements.
  7. Obtaining environmental permits or site-plan approval for commercial projects.

When you’re searching for Vancouver zoning attorneys, you need look no further than Horenstein Law Group.

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