Starting A Business In Washington State

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Entrepreneurs interested in forming startups in Washington state should be aware of the laws as they pertain to a number of business-related and startup activities. Forming a startup, especially for the first time, is exciting and exhilarating, with just a touch of intimidating to keep things interesting.

Transforming a business idea into a business plan and then into a full-fledged business structure requires a patient, step-by-step approach. You understand your startup – whether it is a service, commercial, technology or industrial business. When it comes to legal support for startup businesses, make sure to consult with a professional for legal advice.

Legal Help With Starting A Business

Horenstein Law Group can help with your startup. Whether you want to form a corporation, form an LLC startup, or limited liability company, you’ll need as much information as possible to make an educated choice. Information on specialty licenses, or on the difference between limited partnerships, sole proprietorships, and limited liability companies, our business law expertise can guide the way.

In the meantime, the Washington State Department of Revenue website offers some valuable resources. These resources can help in forming a startup. Washington state also provides help online, including guidelines on your business license application for certain types of businesses.

The state also provides a helpful resource on its Small Business Guidance website. There you will find ideas on how to prepare a business plan for your startup, hire employees, and open your doors for business. Once your startup is formed and open for business, there are still a number of details to address.

If you hire staff for your startup, you will need to make appropriate filings with the Department of Revenue and obtain workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. You will also need to work closely with a tax expert on any filings for federal tax treatment purposes.

Are you leasing space? You will need to negotiate and sign a lease agreement. In managing your startup, it is very important to maintain corporate formalities and separately maintain your personal bank accounts from the startup’s finances. We’ll be able to help protect your personal life while you grow your professional business.

Horenstein Law Group Legal Support for Startups

Our business law experts can help you decide what type of business entity works best for your startup and how to file with the Washington Secretary of State. Horenstein Law Group can also assist with the following:

  • Formation and organization of your startup (corporations, LLC, partnerships, limited partnerships, joint ventures, etc.)
  • Business mergers and acquisitions
  • Obtaining an employment identification number
  • Joint ventures and reorganizations
  • Financing startups and transactions (such as working with credit cards)
  • Shareholder rights
  • Documenting employment agreements
  • Executive compensation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Compliance issues
  • Act as your registered agent

Let the Horenstein Law Group help you get to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Our years of experience working with bankers, accountants, financial planners, and other professionals will place you in the best possible position when forming your startup. Contact Horenstein Law Group and let us help turn your dreams into real life. Your Life.

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