Resources For Small Business Owners

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resources for small business owners

Being a small business owner comes with many advantages. It also comes with plenty of challenges. It can often feel stressful, and it’s overwhelming at times.

Perhaps you’re looking for business loans, a business plan, or you’re simply researching how to start and grow a small business.
No matter what it is, if you need advice, insight, or direction, there are plenty of helpful resources for small business owners that provide tips to help guide your way.

Small Business Resource #1: Small Business Administration

This is the best place to start because the Small Business Administration serves as an advocate for you each step of the way. This agency is independent of the federal government. It will give you information on loans and grants in addition to free classes on how you can start a business. They also have advice on managing and financing your small business.

When it comes to business topics and business tools, the SBA provides lots of free resources. So if you’re curious about small business loans or types of small business lending, or if you need help from business experts, this is a great resource.

Small Business Resource #2: SCORE

This is a nonprofit organization that is supported by the Small Business Administration and focuses on educating and mentoring small business owners. Volunteer mentors are experienced business professionals and entrepreneurs that bring years of industry experience and expertise to the table. You can expand your knowledge through webinars, workshops, and one-on-one mentorship meetings.

Small Business Resource #3: Your local Chamber of Commerce

This is a great place to start networking with other small businesses. It also gives you access to resources that will help grow your business through events, online training, workshops, and more.

Small Business Resource #4: IRS Small Business Portal

There are many different rules and regulations surrounding small business taxes, so it’s common for business owners to feel overwhelmed by figuring out where to start. This helpful resource will answer your questions about small business taxes and give you access to publications and forms and other online tools and products that help with taxes.

If you do a little digging, you’ll find many online resources about small business trends, business credit, and online courses featuring everything from social media best practices to dealing with the Small Business Development Center.

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