CREDC 30th Anniversary

At its quarterly luncheon, held at the Vancouver Hilton on Thursday December 13, 2012, the Columbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC) honored its founding Presidents: Brian Wolfe, Steve Horenstein, Bob Schaeffer, Carol Curtis, and Vern Peter… Read More
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Business Alert - Misleading Annual Report and Compliance Solicitations

Business entities should be on the lookout for misleading mailings from COMPLIANCE SERVICES and CORPORATE RECORD SERVICE. These mailing may give the impression they are from some division of the Washington Secretary of State Corporations Division –… Read More
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What Type of Business Entity is Best for You?

Does your legal structure meet your needs? Are you still unsure what business entity to go with?  After deciding that a business venture is going to be profitable, an important step in the strategic planning for the business is what type of legal en… Read More
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Horenstein Law Group PLLC Formed

For Immediate Release Contact: Ron Arp, 360.601.2991 HORENSTEIN LAW GROUP PLLC FORMED “Next generation” law firm employs client-focused technology and expertise VANCOUVER, Wash. – (January 5, 2012) – A new law firm desig… Read More
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Dodd-Frank and Borrowers’ Costs

The Dodd-Frank Act (“DFA”), approved by Congress and the President in 2010 and effective April 1, 2011, affects almost every aspect of the U.S. financial services industry. The purpose of DFA is to restore public confidence in the financial syste… Read More
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Development Fee Waivers in Clark County

11/19/2010: Recently, the Board of Commissioners adopted a “fee holiday” resolution, intended to encourage certain types of development in unincorporated Clark County to help stimulate job growth. This resolution waives fees for prelimina… Read More
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Extensions Stimulate Economy: Three States Cannot Be Wrong, But the Columbian Is

The From the Ground Up Real Estate Team at Miller Nash feels compelled to respond to an article entitled “County Aids Some Plans for Building” that appeared on the front page of the Columbian on Sunday, September 13, 2009, and a follow-up… Read More
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Columbia River Waterfront Development is Right for Vancouver

The proposed Columbia River waterfront development is the right next step for the City of Vancouver.  Involving the transformation of 32 acres of defunct industrial land along downtown Vancouver’s southernmost riverfront property – formerly home… Read More
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Does Your Nonprofit Corporation Need to Register With the Charities Program?

The Washington Secretary of State’s Office, Division of Corporations and Charities, is conducting a review of organizations that are incorporated in the state of Washington. As a nonprofit corporation, you may be required to file an additional… Read More
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Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Should Developers Dissolve Their LLCs After Completing a Project?

Real estate developers typically create limited liability companies (“LLCs”) as their choice of business entity for undertaking development projects. With exceptions, LLCs limit the personal liability of the real estate developer that is… Read More
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