Does Your Nonprofit Corporation Need to Register With the Charities Program?

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The Washington Secretary of State’s Office, Division of Corporations and Charities, is conducting a review of organizations that are incorporated in the state of Washington. As a nonprofit corporation, you may be required to file an additional registration if your entity is conducting fund-raising activities to support a charitable purpose.

Washington state law requires entities that solicit or receive contributions from the general public to register under the Charitable Solicitations Act, RCW 19.09. This registration is separate from, and in addition to, any corporate documents filed with the Corporations Division.

Attached is a “Summary of the Washington State Charitable Solicitations Act.” This summary provides a synopsis of the types of organizations and activities subject to registration as well as those that may be exempt from the registration requirements. If you have questions about your nonprofit needing to register with the charities program, call our skilled staff at 360-696-4100.