Legal and Professional Fees For Small Businesses

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business attorneyThere’s a lot to think about when it comes to running a business. That’s why it’s smart to outsource some of your business responsibilities to experts who not only have the time but the know-how to deal with important issues. At Horenstein Law Group, our team of talented and experienced business attorneys has helped many business owners navigate the often confusing world of business law.

From day one, Horenstein Law Group has devoted much of its time and resources to surpassing our clients’ expectations when it comes to business law. In fact, the founders and namesakes Steve and Cindy Horenstein are business attorneys, so this type of law is right in their — and this firm’s — wheelhouse.

Some of the more common business fees that Horenstein Law Group can assist with:

  • Formation of businesses
  • Contracts and assessments
  • Preparation of releases
  • Purchases and sales of small businesses

Horenstein Law Group

Speaking of fees, Horenstein law group is well positioned to assist small businesses with predictable legal fees and their associated costs. It’s vital to have an experienced attorney who can advise business owners on what things are going to cost.

Simply put, it’s difficult if not impossible to know and understand fee structures, which can often be unpredictable, without an experienced attorney by your side.

How does Horenstein Law Group make legal fees predictable? By implementing and using flat fees or fee range estimates for certain items, budgets, and scopes of work.

For decades, attorneys have billed clients by the hour. At Horenstein Law Group, however, that kind of billing is a choice of last resort. It is our considered opinion that knowing an hourly rate for legal services without knowing and understanding the actual cost of those services does nothing for our valued clients. Instead, our preference is to bill clients for the value we provide by working with them to design a fee structure that meets their needs.

Each client and each case is unique. They all deserve to be considered on a case-by-case basis as to what will work best.

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