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When it comes to hiring a lawyer, there are certain questions you should ask, many of which we’ve covered before on the Horenstein Law Group blog.In this great new age of instant access to information, it can nevertheless still be difficult to find answers to some of our most pressing questions — for example: how to hire an attorney.

Sure, there are more ways than ever to both search for and discover potential answers to this question. But the sheer enormity of information at our disposal sometimes makes it difficult to reach any helpful conclusions. There’s simply too much information out there — and not enough time in the day — to sort through it all.

That’s true whether one is searching for a new Subaru or information on how to hire an attorney. For example, a September 2018 Google search for “new Subaru” turns up almost half a billion results. Same goes for “how to hire a lawyer”; Google returns a relatively modest 108 million search results for that query.

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When faced with so much information it helps to have someone on your side who can parse that info for what is most relevant and accurate. Horenstein Law Group is that ally. It is our hope that after reading this primer on how to find a lawyer, you’ll be armed with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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How to hire an attorney

When it comes to hiring an attorney, there are certain questions you should ask, many of which we’ve covered before on the Horenstein Law Group blog. One of our more popular blog posts, “10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Attorney,” may be an especially helpful starting point.

Also, be sure to check out “What type of attorney do I need?”, which should help you narrow down your choices. Remember: Attorneys specialize in specific areas of law, so it’s vital to look at their experience and determine whether or not they have ever worked on cases similar or relevant to your own.

There are additional questions to ask as you begin your search for an attorney.

  • Who will be working with you on your case?
  • Will there be more than just one attorney?
  • Will the bulk of your interactions be with a paralegal, instead?
  • How accessible will your attorney be?
  • Can you reach counsel directly, or will you have to go through a staff person or voicemail?
  • Will your attorney come to meet with you at a location of your choosing?
  • And — perhaps most importantly, but often overlooked: Do you enjoy consistently interacting with the person who will be handling your case?

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