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U.S. Capitol to illustrate piece on Horenstein Law Group and the Medici EffectHorenstein Law Group was recently recognized for its thought leadership as a proud member of the innovative Medici Effect Community.

The Community, inspired by Frans Johansson’s bestselling book The Medici Effect and organized by his team at The Medici Group, is comprised of people and businesses who share a common belief that diversity drives innovation. The Medici Effect Community spans industries, sectors, specialties, and domains, and is made of higher education institutions, startups, global enterprises, purpose-driven organizations, venture capitalists, accelerators, research hubs and think tanks.

The Medici Effect Community unites people and institutions to employ diverse and disruptive thought to create solutions around the world that shape our future. On September 9, 2019, the Medici Community featured HLG in its Medici Effect Community newsletter:

Horenstein Law Group PLLC leads the pack  . . .

with some support and resources from the Community team at Medici, Maren Calvert hosted her first “How to Step Into the Intersection” meeting. She invited a diverse group of people together to ideate on solutions to a challenge of their choice. Here’s what she had to say:”Most started with no background in The Medici Effect, and after three hours of diverse brainstorming on how to solve the “we”/“they” divide, we finally had to kick everyone out.  We’re so pumped we decided to meet again next week. I’m so excited about where this is going and the impacts we’re going to have on our community. You should try one of these. They’re amazing!”


HLG is thrilled to be part of the Medici Community and looks forward to continuing its ongoing Medici Effect “Intersectors” meetings. During these meetings, Maren and her team discuss creative and innovative solutions to some of our local community’s most difficult problems.

At HLG, we are committed to radically improving everything we touch. We work with our clients to develop the best business solutions; the most innovative public and private partnerships; collaboratively resolve disagreements; buy and sell commercial real estate; and resolve difficult land use questions. We can help you work with government to develop win-win strategies.

Let us put our diverse perspectives to work for you.

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