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COVID-19 Real Estate Resources

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Evictions, Foreclosures, & Forbearance 80% of jobs lost to coronavirus recession were blue collar jobs, so we’re seeing the biggest impact in inability to pay in residential rentals and commercial rents and mortgages of non-essential businesses that cannot or do not provide take-out services. Construction companies are eligible for the PPP loans under the CARES…

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Changes are coming, get ready for graduated Real Estate Excise Tax

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Happy New Year to all from HLG!  As we start into a new year and new decade, we want to advise you as to an increase in real estate excise tax (REET) paid upon closing real estate transactions. For larger transactions this increase is substantial. Clark County Treasurer, Alisha Topper, has provided us the following…

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New Rules for Existing HOAs

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By:  Maren Calvert As the year ends and homeowners’ associations and condo associations work to pass their budgets for the next year, please note: Under recent legislation, associations are required to give residential owners the opportunity to reject every proposed budget. A failure to provide this opportunity to will mean the budget is VOID. The…

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Want to buy a business?

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Consult an attorney before buying a business If you’re considering buying a business, chances are you’ve asked yourself the following question: What kind of attorney do I need? This is a good question. At the Horenstein Law Group, we often write in our blog about how important it is not only to ask the right…

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When it comes to contracts, you need an attorney. Here’s why!

Two people looking over a contract

Do you need an attorney to make a contract? One of the questions we get asked most often at Horenstein Law Group is, “Do I need an attorney in order to make a contract?” The short answer to this query is: yes. You should consult with an attorney. Why? Two reasons: First, a contract is…

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Welcome to our New Blog!

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We’re particularly excited about relaunching this blog as it coincides with our updated website. In our Blog, we’ll share with you information about what we love to talk about most:  Business, Real Estate, Land-Use, Government Relations and our Southwest Washington community. This Blog is for you if: You are a business owner, own, develop, lease…

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Now It’s ALTA-NSPA Land Title Surveys—ALTA-ACSM Are No More

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What we previously referred to as an ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey was, as of February 23, 2016, changed to an “ALTA/NSPS Land Survey”. In 2012, the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (“ACSM”) merged into the National Society of Professional Surveyors (“NSPS) and, in early 2016, the NSPS published revisions to survey standards.  As a…

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Legal Descriptions Are Still King (or Queen—depending on your point of view)!


We recently encountered several situations involving the proposed sale of a residential property located in a subdivision where neither the parties nor their respective brokers had included a legal description of the property in the Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement. One of the parties asked whether they could terminate that Agreement.  We concluded they had…

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