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Washington Businesses May be Subject to Oregon’s New Corporate Activity Tax (CAT)

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Updated March 27, 2020 COVID-19 Update: The Oregon Department of Revenue reminds businesses that they are required to register for the Corporate Activity Tax (CAT) within 30 days of passing $750,000 in Oregon commercial activity for the year. Businesses that passed the threshold in late February will need to register with the department by the…

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Commercial Landlords (& Online Retail Platforms) – Might Be Liable for Tenant’s Counterfeit Goods

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By:  Maren Calvert In March 2019, a jury in New York awarded Omega $1.1 million in its lawsuit against a landlord because of the landlord’s “willful blindness” to its tenant’s penchant for selling fake watches. This wasn’t a surprise to the landlord. New York City police had raided the property multiple times for counterfeit activity…

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Changes are coming, get ready for graduated Real Estate Excise Tax

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Happy New Year to all from HLG!  As we start into a new year and new decade, we want to advise you as to an increase in real estate excise tax (REET) paid upon closing real estate transactions. For larger transactions this increase is substantial. Clark County Treasurer, Alisha Topper, has provided us the following…

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New Rules for Existing HOAs

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By:  Maren Calvert As the year ends and homeowners’ associations and condo associations work to pass their budgets for the next year, please note: Under recent legislation, associations are required to give residential owners the opportunity to reject every proposed budget. A failure to provide this opportunity to will mean the budget is VOID. The…

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Washington Health Care Providers May Need to Revise Their Non-Compete Agreements for Enforceability

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By Natalya Belonozhko, Horenstein Law Group PLLC December 9, 2019 In light of Washington’s recent law taking effect on January 1, 2020, which places constraints on the use of non-compete agreements, covered under a previous HLG blog, health care providers are faced with evaluating their non-compete agreements for compliance with the new requirements. Generally, under…

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Reasonable Compensation in an S Corporation

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Horenstein Law Group is pleased to share with you this article written for our blog by certified public accountant (CPA) Leslie Currie of Integrated Tax Services. Currie shares timely information about the new risks related to determining reasonable compensation in an S corporation. This is important information to review to ensure your business is correctly…

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Horenstein Law Group Recognized as a Thought Leader

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Horenstein Law Group was recently recognized for its thought leadership as a proud member of the innovative Medici Effect Community. The Community, inspired by Frans Johansson’s bestselling book The Medici Effect and organized by his team at The Medici Group, is comprised of people and businesses who share a common belief that diversity drives innovation. The…

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Washington Expands Its Equal Pay Law

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Natalya Belonozhko, Horenstein Law Group PLLC  July 19, 2019  In March 2018, Washington state expanded its equal pay law by prohibiting employers from paying employees less than “similarly employed” employees of a different gender, unless the pay differential is based in good faith and on bona fide factors, other than gender, which are employment-related, consistent…

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New Washington Legislation: Non-competition Agreements

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Washington Legislature Adopts New and Very Restrictive Regulations on Non-competition Agreements by Natalya Belonozhko June 7, 2019 – Washington employers are now subject to statutory constraints on the use of non-competition agreements for employees and independent contractors. The new law will take effect on Jan. 1, 2020, but will apply to agreements entered into before the…

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