Accelerate Out of the Turn

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Those of us who spend our lives on wheels know the importance of accelerating out of a turn – it increases traction and launches you in front of your competitor.  The same is true in business.

During the pandemic-induced downturn, businesses have more free time than they used to; many of us have more free time than we’d like.  It’s a harsh reality and a struggle to get through.  We get it.  But what if this downturn is actually an opportunity to free your business from annoying distractions?

All too often, litigation is considered a cost of doing business.  It takes a long time, sapping your energy, and draining your revenues.  Sometimes litigation lingers because the court doesn’t have time for you.  Sometimes it lingers because you’re too busy keeping the lights on to devote the time litigation needs.  Litigation feels like a constant annoying fly, buzzing around your head.

Ironically, the pandemic-induced downturn might have given you the opportunity to change that.  Consider using your new unwanted “free time” to get rid of your litigation “flies.”  Devote just two hours a week to dive into your dispute with us, and the team at HLG can help you bring an end to your lawsuits that you thought would never go away.

Maren Calvert is a trained leader, facilitator, and mediator.  She thinks creatively to help identify unspoken disagreements and uncover common areas of interest.  She is particularly adept at resolving long-standing disputes in which it feels like all the potential solutions have already been tried.  Maren can help your business find a way to get unstuck.

Once that happens – when your business is free of litigation “flies,” buzzing around your head – you’ll be poised to reinvent your future.  You will be able to accelerate out of this downturn into the future your business deserves.

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