Group of people at a table reviewing a contract

Legal Contract Review

The contract negotiations are done, both sides agree on principle to move forward, and you’re on the home stretch of getting a deal done. But no matter the type of contract – hiring a small business to pour a concrete pad or trying to close a multi-million dollar merger – we highly recommend a final…

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Man and woman professionals shaking hands.

How to handle contract negotiations

We’re sure you’ve seen contract negotiations in popular entertainment. Everyone gathers around a big table, different ploys and negotiation tactics are discussed beforehand, and everyone fights to gain the “upper hand.” While real-life contract negotiations can be contentious, rarely will they devolve into threats, yelling, and table pounding. This isn’t to say business negotiations won’t…

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Escrow Relief for Residential Developers!

On May 12, 2021, Governor Inslee signed SB 5024, removing the requirement to place all earnest money received for a common interest community property (condos, subdivisions, etc.) in an escrow account.  Now, developers can simply secure a bond, instead and use the earnest money for construction costs. Since July 2018, developers of residential subdivisions and…

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Condo and HOA – Avoid Invalid Budgets

Washington condominium and homeowner associations formed before July 2018 need to be aware that the law requires all annual budgets and special assessments to be reviewed and approved by the members. Any budget or special assessment that is not provided to members for approval is invalid. The Washington Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (WUCIOA) became…

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More Recovery Grants Available

Round 4 of the Working Washington Grant program is here! Round 4 grants are available for-profit small businesses that were required to close or significantly reduce operations due to public health and COVID safety measures.  Applications will be accepted between March 29 and April 9.  Click here to apply during the application period.  The amount…

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