A Book Review - The Thief in your Company by Tiffany Couch

The Thief in Your Company Book Review by Steve HorensteinEmployee theft and financial fraud in businesses is not something that business owners readily talk about. It's emotional and embarrassing. And, it happens a lot more than business owners expect it to. As business lawyers, we deal with the legal aspects of these issues when they arise. 

The Thief in your Company written by Tiffany Couch of Acuity Forensics provides useful advice on not only how to deal with employee theft and workplace fraud, but with the emotional side of the process as well. This book is a must read for all business owners, nonprofit board members and elected officials with responsibility for financial oversight as well as their lawyers and accountants.

Having worked with Tiffany Couch on both large and small forensic accounting matters I have observed firsthand Tiffany's penchant for the smallest detail and her experience in identifying financial fraud. Her book demonstrates not only her own expertise, but is a tutorial for how to deal with the human side of these very difficult issues.

Many of our clients engage auditors for annual third-party audits. Most of our clients ensure that their financial statements are either created or reviewed by professionals. Unfortunately, the financial information that underlie these documents can be changed, manipulated and revised sometimes by the most trusted employees to hide fraud and theft.

Every chapter in this book details a specific fraud, theft or scam and what steps should be taken to avoid these issues occurring in your business. Characteristics of employees who engage in illegal activity are clearly described.

The Thief in you Company by Tiffany Couch is a must-read for anyone in a position of ownership management or authority over personnel that have access to financial information in your organization.

Image by Tiffany Couch.

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