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We’d like to take this opportunity to explain what makes our firm different from most others.

Horenstein Law Group is exceptional because our attorneys’ backgrounds are exceptional. They come from large firms and prestigious positions as in-house counsel for public companies. But they chose to leave those positions.

Why? To form the backbone of Horenstein Law Group. We are a law firm that focuses on business, real estate, land use, government relations, public policy and more. Our attorneys’ sophisticated backgrounds and wide ranging experience and knowledge allow us to combine the high-powered performance of a large firm with the personalized and comfortable environment of a small one.

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We Utilize And Take Advantage Of Client-Centric Technology

We also utilize and take advantage of client-centric technology that makes possible an ease of communication and connection between our firm and our clients.

By mastering the latest in client communication software, our attorneys and the rest of our dedicated staff can deliver a level of responsiveness that most small firms have historically been unable to achieve.

At Horenstein Law Group, we’re able to remain nimble while combining our legal practices — whether it’s our work as real estate attorneys, business attorneys, or another of our services in and around Vancouver, Washington — to offer a suite of law services that meet the economic needs of our clients and the broader legal needs of the community.

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Sophisticated And Tailored Legal Services

We provide legal services that are sophisticated and tailored to our individual clients’ needs. Plus, wherever and whenever possible, we’re able to offer alternatives to the typically straight billable-by-the-hour standard that’s prevalent in most law firms. Flat fees, budgets and scopes of work are hallmarks of our approach to creating client-centric services.

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Horenstein Law Group values and prioritizes responsiveness, openness, information, communication, a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, integrity and community engagement.

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