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Real Estate Attorney

Whether you are a developer, bank, or private investor, real estate is a large business aspect to manage without a Real Estate Lawyer. Horenstein Law Group brings in-depth knowledge and years of experience to the table to help you with your real estate needs. We have found our experience in government affairs to be a key in helping with the realization of some projects, while in others, our understanding of all aspects of the deal can help you reach the finish line, maximize the value to you and the community. Whether you are buying, selling, financing, developing, leasing, or building, Horenstein Law Group’s experience representing numerous local businesses, regional businesses, real estate developers, public sector clients regarding sales, exchanges, acquisitions, condominiums and financing will help. Our approach is simple, we work to be the best Real Estate Attorney in Vancouver WA or the surrounding areas!.

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Horenstein Law Group brings in-depth knowledge and years of experience to assist you with your real estate matters:

Real Estate Attorney Services Include:

  • Real Estate Purchase, Sale Transactions and Exchanges

    This scope could include the preparation of purchase, sale documents, financing agreements, conveyance deeds, related ancillary documents for Real Estate Purchases, Sales, and Exchanges.

  • Real Estate Leases

    Real Estate Lease work could encompass the preparation of leases for both landlords, tenants in areas that include office, retail, ground leases, industrial leases, related documents. We have many regional investors, developers and owners as clients.

  • Real Estate Financing

    We represent borrowers, lenders (including Banks and Credit Unions) on all aspects of real estate finance. We assist in documentation and structuring financing transactions of all types.

  • Real Estate LLCs, Partnerships and Joint Ventures

    We often assist clients in choosing the form of entity for real estate matters; including LLCs, limited partnerships, partnerships and joint ventures.

  • Real Estate Development

    Our real estate, land use experience supports clients on developments from property acquisitions through land use permits and construction. We focus primarily on office buildings, shopping centers, industrial parks and multi-family developments.

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Horenstein Law Group would be proud to be your Real Estate Attorney in Vancouver, WA

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