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Business Law

Business Law Attorneys, Vancouver, WA

HLG business attorneys are proactive in providing legal services, both with advice, document preparation and project management. We work with your advisors (for example, your accountant, financial planner, banker, and insurance agent) to identify potential problems for you and your business before they occur, or, better yet, so that choices can be made to avoid them entirely. We focus on a “team approach,” ensuring that, together with our client and other advisors, things don’t fall through the cracks. Clients find maximum value by hiring HLG up front so that their businesses are based on a sound legal strategy; it is often more expensive, in both time and money, when a client forms their businesses on their own and then seeks legal counsel when they run into problems and need to clean things up. Read More

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law Attorneys, Vancouver, WA

Whether you are a developer, bank,financial institution, property owner, commercial landlord/tenant, or private investor, real estate is a large business aspect to manage. HLG brings in-depth knowledge and years of experience to the table to help you. We have found our experience in government affairs to be a key in helping with the realization of some projects, while in others, our understanding of all aspects of the deal can help you reach the finish line and maximize the value to you and the community. Whether you are buying, selling, financing, developing, leasing, or building, HLG’s experience representing numerous local and regional businesses, real estate developers, and public sector clients regarding sales and exchanges, acquisitions, condominiums and financing will help. Our approach is simple, we work to help you realize your goals. Read More

Land Use Law

Land Use Law Attorneys, Vancouver, WA.

Land use is a key element in the real estate equation. As part of a comprehensive approach or as a stand-alone service, it can be the lynchpin of successful development. Extending beyond the technical consultants, HLG provides value-added strategic thinking, connections with local and regional decision-makers, and a depth and breadth of experience that can make it all come together. Read More

Government Strategies

Government Strategy Law Attorneys, Vancouver, WA.

HLG represents clients on a government to government and business to government basis in all aspects of policy making, legislative issue and relationship building for our clients, all at the local, state and federal levels. We pride ourselves in our ability to secure our client’s strategic goals by combining a deep and substantive knowledge of client’s issues, our advocacy skills, and our relationships in the community. Read More

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Law Attorneys, Vancouver, WA.

From strategizing safeguards for wealth, to minimizing taxes, to structuring your affairs to remain private at death, the attorneys at HLG can help. As part of the estate planning process, we bring our ongoing knowledge and understanding of trusts, life insurance, asset titling, estate tax laws, and more to the table to help you achieve your estate planning goals. Read More.

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