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HLG is a progressive law firm founded by Steve and Cindy Horenstein. Formerly a lawyer with the northwest regional law firm Miller Nash, Steve has held a number of management positions that have given him the opportunity to study best practices in serving client needs in today’s legal business environment. Cindy brings extensive experience as well, having practiced with Horenstein and Duggan, and with her own firm, for over 20 years.

HLG maintains all of the positive values clients expect from a traditional law firm, including excellent, well-trained lawyers, a high level work product and responsiveness. In addition, the firm is responding to new client needs and expectations that have evolved in part because of the economy.  The prolonged recession has forever changed the practice of law. Clients now expect a higher level of service, billings based on value received and results obtained, as well as better access to lawyers and documents through client (not lawyer) focused technology. HLG has implemented six core firm values to address these needs. We believe these are fundamental to what we call “a progressive law firm.”

Being a progressive law firm means:

  1. Lawyers: All highly talented and well trained, as typically found at large law firms.
  2. Enhanced Communication: Virtual connectivity and communication is easier in today’s business environment than it has ever been. It provides more secure document access from anywhere, stores documents electronically for long periods, and can make interactions more efficient.  It can even reduce travel and help balance life. Virtual connectivity gives you access from any internet accessible location to files, work product, communication and electronic billing. The benefit to you? Time lost is minimized, communication is easier, it’s all more convenient and you can respond to opportunities faster.
  3. Creative Fee Structures: Packaging legal services in unique ways, such as the use of creative fee structures, is more efficient and cost effective. Utilizing approaches such as flat fee budgets and scopes of work, shared risk arrangements and others is standard at HLG. Hourly billing is our billing approach of last resort. The benefit to you? As a client, it provides you with much more certainty about legal costs than traditional hourly billing.
  4. Community Connections: An active presence and engagement in community issues gives us first hand information about current local and regional matters, what’s impacting change, or what might impact your business. The benefit to you? As a client, this gives you access to community resources that might otherwise be difficult to reach or may not be readily available.
  5. Information: Offering legal services is just part of the package. We know it’s important to keep our clients abreast of legal issues that impact their business. Whether we are working on a current matter or not, we use social media, email and the web to send regular legal updates. The benefit to you? As a client, we keep you current on important issues that can impact business now or in the future, so that you can plan ahead with more certainty.
  6. An Unwavering Commitment – to meeting client needs and objectives. We know this sounds cliché. We aren’t kidding. We represent clients in their comprehensive legal needs, utilizing the expertise within the firm and that of outside co-counsel. The firm has relationships within areas of specialized practice, including: tax, securities, environmental matters, intellectual property (ie: patents, trademarks, etc.), and commercial and real estate litigation. We are a gatekeeper for all of our client’s legal business needs. The benefit to you? A comprehensive package means a comprehensive view.

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