A Book Review - The Thief…

A Book Review - The Thief in your Company by Tiffany Couch

Employee theft and financial fraud in businesses is not something that business owners readily talk about. It’s emotional and embarrassing. And, it happens a lot more than business owners expect it to. As business lawyers, we deal with the lega… Read More
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Welcome to our updated Bl…

Welcome to our updated Blog!

We’re particularly excited about relaunching this blog as it coincides with our updated website. In our Blog, we’ll share with you information about what we love to do most: Provide innovative solutions for your legal issues – and we’ll do th… Read More
Now It's ALTA-NSPA Land T…

Now It's ALTA-NSPA Land Title Surveys—ALTA-ACSM Are No More - Make thumbnail smaller

What we previously referred to as an ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey was, as of February 23, 2016, changed to an “ALTA/NSPS Land Survey”. In 2012, the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (“ACSM”) merged into the National Society of Profess… Read More
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Legal Descriptions Are Still King (or Queen—depending on your point of view)!

We recently encountered a situation involving the proposed sale of a residential property located in a subdivision where neither the parties nor their respective brokers had included a legal description of the property in the Real Estate Purchase and… Read More
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The Surprisingly High Cost of Future HVAC Repair/Replacement

If you have heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (“HVAC”) equipment that was manufactured and installed after 2009 in your property, you aren’t going to have to consider the consequences of refrigerants used in your system (or what is in… Read More
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What type of liability insurance does your lease require?

Previously we discussed whether your real estate lease includes the most current property insurance requirements. Now let’s talk about the type of liability insurance coverage your lease requires and, depending on the language in your lease, whet… Read More
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Understanding Your Lease Requirements for Property Insurance

When was the last time you reviewed the property insurance section in your lease? Yes, it sounds incredibly boring. But, it may be necessary – READ ON. In commercial real estate leasing, landlord and tenants frequently rely on forms they have used… Read More

'Shovel ready' land is vital to our growth

The economy is improving in Southwest Washington. And this is creating opportunities to create jobs through new real estate development. Many of the issues that impacted development both positively and negatively prior to the recession remain. This a… Read More
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Getting Strategic with Government

Business-to-government interactions have become increasingly more complex. These complexities manifest themselves in a number of ways. Are you a real estate developer seeking land use or environmental permits to create jobs or provide housing for a c… Read More

New Simplified Option for Claiming Home Office Deduction

On January 15, 2013, the Internal Revenue Service announced a new simplified option for owners of home-based businesses and some home-based workers may also be able to use this option for calculating deductions for the business use of their homes. I… Read More
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