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A Next Generation Law Firm


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  • Who We Are

    About Horenstein Law Group
  • What Makes Us Different

    What makes Horenstein Law Group Different
  • Business Law

    Business Law Attorneys, Vancouver, WA.
    Whether you are a sophisticated business with a myriad of legal needs from your attorneys, or you are a small start-up company, the business attorneys at HLG have a wide range of experience in business planning and formation, mergers and acquisitions, advice on shareholder and director issues, preparing contracts and general business advice.
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  • Real Estate

    Real Estate Law Attorneys, Vancouver, WA.
    HLG brings years of experience to real estate owners, developers, investors, users, commercial landlords and lenders in all types of purchases, sales, transactions, exchanges, leases, financings, homeowners associations and condominiums. Our approach is simple, we work to help you realize your goals.
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  • Land Use

    Land Use Law Attorneys, Vancouver, WA.
    HLG’s Land Use Attorneys have extensive experience working with developers, investors, land owners, businesses, and public sector clients to obtain land use and environmental permits in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. HLG provides a depth and breadth of experience that can make it all come together.
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  • Government Strategies

    Government Strategy Law, Vancouver, WA.
    HLG represents clients in building relationships business to government and government to government. We pride ourselves on “making things happen for our clients!” We work in environments including policy making, state and local legislation, regulatory environments, and developing strategic goals for our clients at the local and state levels.
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  • About Our Clients

    About Horenstein Law Group Learn More
  • Information For You

    Helpful Law Information
  • Who We Are
  • What Makes Us Different
  • Business Law
  • Real Estate
  • Land Use
  • Government Strategies
  • About Our Clients
  • Information For You


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